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GSG-5 shell casing stuck in barrel

By Erik Rodriguez

Tags: GSG-5 problems, GSG-5 feeding errors, GSG-5 squib round, GSG-5 mini mag problems, GSG remove barrel, GSG-5 disassmbly

This article provides information about the problems I experienced using CCI mini mag ammo. I initially thought I had a squib round, but after further examination realized the shell case was stuck in the entry of the chamber. This occurred on two separate occasions using CCI mini mag ammunition. You may also want to see more information about the GSG-5.


Firing some mini mag ammo, I had the breach blow open with what I thought was a squib round. I put a cleaning rod down the barrel to check for a pinched round, but it appears it left the chamber. It seemed like something else had happened, but I figured I would try to fire another. I was not able to get another cartridge to feed. It seemed as if there was still some type of obstruction in the barrel but I could not see well enough. I took the gun home and disassembled the entire thing minus the trigger housing. After isolating the barrel I was able to figure out a shell casing was lodged at the entrance of the barrel, and it was lodged TIGHT. A cleaning rod was still able to fit down the barrel, and I ended up using a dry cleaning patch to ram down the barrel. the patches fit tight enough to knock the case loose. Apparently, the bullets left the chamber; the rear parts with the primer blew off, and left just the shell casing inside. A clear case of bad ammo and not what I expected from CCI. See the following photos:

gsg-5 shell stuck in chamber

gsg-5 shell stuck in barrel

gsg-5 broken shell removal

The first time this happened I disassembled the entire gun minus the lower receiver. It took me a while to figure out exactly what the problem was. Remember, a cleaning rod was still able to fit down the barrel as you can see from the image above. The second time this occurred, I was able to remove the stuck case in a matter in minutes. I would have been able correct this problem right after it occurred, but I did not bring my cleaning rod and patches with me to the range that day. Here is the process:

GSG-5 stuck shell removal

GSG-5 mini mag problems

GSG-5 stuck case removed

Upon reassembling the gun, I replaced the two bolt springs with new ones from my replacement parts kit. I made sure they were positioned correctly as one side of the spring is larger. Once I had the entire gun reassembled I hit the range again. This gun has fired almost 1000 rounds since with absolutely no problems. I had 1 FTF due to a bad cartridge. I tried rotating it to hit the primer in a different spot but it never fired. The GSG is a blast to shoot and I get nothing but questions about it. I hope this information helps other GSG-5 or future GSG-5 owners. I also some tips GSG-5 cleaning.

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