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Last Updated: 8/29/2012 10:09:18 PM
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HOWTO - Create VLAN on Extreme Switch

By Erik Rodriguez

Tags: Extreme Networks VLAN tag, Summit X450e, Black Diamond VLAN creation, Extreme VLAN trunk

This article provides instructions on VLAN configuration using Extreme Networks switches. The examples below were performed on a Black Diamond 8810, but will work on all other models as well.

Extreme Networks Syntax

Extreme Networks utilizes XOS as their network operating system. It is a Linux-based OS with some pretty handy features. XOS uses a tag and untag syntax similar to the HP's Procurve line.
* Core_2.7 # create vlan finance
* Core_2.8 # configure "finance" tag 87
Creation of the VLAN name along with the 802.1q tag of 87 was easy. Next, we want to add a few ports the finance VLAN, and add it to a trunk so we can pass finance VLAN traffic between other switches. First, we will remove some ports from the default VLAN for use in the finance VLAN. XOS will not let you add an untagged port more than 1 VLAN:
* Core_2.11 # configure "Default" delete ports 7:5-7:7
* Core_2.12 # configure "finance" add ports 7:5-7:7 untagged
* Core_2.13 # configure "finance" add ports 5:1 tagged
Make sure finance is protected by EAPS. Adding EAPS ring ports to a VLAN could cause a loop in the network.
Do you really want to add these ports? (y/N) Yes
As you can see, we removed 3 ports from the default vlan (7:5, 7:6, and 7:7) and added them to the finance VLAN. Notice that I specified untagged at the end of the command. This is not required, as XOS will add ports as untagged by default unless you specify them as tagged ports. However, it's a good habit to specify your tagged and untagged ports. If you have not assigned finance to an EAP ring you will the warning above. It is fine to say yes.

I assigned port 5:1 as the tagged port (trunk port), but remember to tag the other end of that port as well. You must have the finance VLAN created and tagged on the other device in order for Core_2 to pass vlan 87 network data.

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