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Friday, September 20, 2019

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Downloads Using BitTorrent Files

By Erik Rodriguez

This article provides all the information you need to start using torrent files. BitTorrent is currently the best solution for downloading anything you can imagine.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a P2P (peer to peer) files sharing format created by Bram Cohen. If you don't know what peer to peer is, click here. BitTorrent works a little differently than Kazza, WinMX, and the rest of the P2P clients everyone is used to. While Kazza lets you search for files within its network, BitTorrent does not. This is good and bad. On a good note, bad people like the RIAA can't regulate BitTorrent as it is not a service, but a method of delivery. On the down side, finding what you want may take a few mintues but there are plenty of sites out there with a wealth of links.

What Can I Download with BitTorrent?

I have listed some of the most common files and file types available below:
  • Music (Mp3, AAC, etc)
  • Movies (DivX, XviD, DVD-R, etc)
  • Recorded TV shows (sitcoms, sporting events, etc)
  • Games/Appz (Warez)
  • Porn (Pr0n)
  • XBOX/PS2 Games (Requires a Mod Chip)
Remember, some of the links you find may violate copyright laws. Use your own judgement when downloading questionable content.

Using BitTorrent

BitTorrent is really easy to setup. Just download a client like Vuze. If you are behind a corporate firewall, it may contain policies blocking the use of Bittorrent. If that is the case, there is nothing you will be able to do. If you are behind a home firewall, you should be fine as Vuze will automatically work.

Finding Downloads

Finding sources is not as complicated as you think. There are tons of sites out there with torrent files links. You can even google for torrent files using something like "MLB world series torret." Simply find the file you want, click on it, and Vuze will start the download process. It's that simple!

Resuming Downloads

If you need to reboot your computer or loose your internet connection, downloads within Vuze will automatically resume.


Depending on what you are downloading, you may or may not get the speed you desire. For the most part, speeds are decent. The fastest download I have taken were over 8500 Kb/s. If you are downloading something fairly popular, you should have no trouble with speed.


By default, Vuze will upload and download simultaneously. Uploads are necessary for downloads. There is no easy way to disable the upload feature. Plus, based on the design of the TCP/IP protocol, you would not benefit from disabling the upload.

Besides, where do you think all the downloads come from? Vuze will continue to upload after your download is complete unless you manually stop it.

BitTorrent Connection Saturation

Depending on what type of broadband connection you have, you may experience some connection saturation. Again, becuase of the design of TCP/IP, the faster you upload, the slower your Internet surfing will become. Your BitTorrent downloads will not decrease in speed as your upload speed increases, but you may experience noticeably slower web surfing and ping times.

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